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Outdoor Adventure


  • Great Tour for Adventure Seekers Who Love Outdoor Activities
  • Speedboat Ride Through Banderas Bay as You Head to Boca de Tomatian, a Deserted Beach at the Edge of the Jungle
  • Off-Road Expedition on 4x4 Mercedes Benz Unimogs that Take You Well Off the Beaten Path at 2000 Feet Above Sea Level Toward the Heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains
  • Unforgettable Mule Ride Up the Mountain
  • A Thrilling Series of Cable Zip Lines Including Some of Mexico's Highest and Longest
  • Two Waterslides Including the Third Highest Drop in the World (846 Feet)
  • Other Great Outdoor Activities Including Rappelling Down Waterfalls, Crossing Jungle Bridges, and Swimming in Streams and Natural River Pools

Tour Summary

This tour is sure to leave you amazed at the beauty of the great outdoors of Puerto Vallarta. The tour combines three of the most exciting ways to explore nature. You start with a speedboat ride, then a ride upon a 4x4 and then finally you will ride upon our zip line cable series through the dense jungle forest.

The trip starts out by the speed boat ride that takes you out to the secluded beach of Boca de Tomaltan, part of Banderas Bay. This is where you get on board the high speed 4x4 to go off road and explore the forest in a way other vehicles cannot. This will take you up to the core of the Sierra Madre, found at found at an elevation of 2000 feet. Then you will meet up with your set of mules who will take you to the core of jungle to get on our cable ziplines.

Zip lining is one of most popular activities in Puerto Vallarta. You get the thrills and excitement of soaring through the air in what almost feels like a freefall, combined with the experience of being deep within a remote and primitive jungle environment. Our Outdoor Adventure and Canopy Tour is the absolute best way to experience and truly immerse yourself within this primitive jungle paradise.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and understand all restrictions pertaining to this tour before booking online or over the phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically qualified and within any limits listed below in order to participate in this activity. No refunds will be given to those who reserve a spot and can not participate due to the restrictions listed below. For more information please read our cancellation policy and terms and conditions page or call our staff with any questions regarding your ability to participate.

  • Not available Sunday
  • Cruise ship guests must book directly through their cruise line
  • Please note that departure times from Nuevo Vallarta are 8:30AM, 10:30AM, 11:00AM, and 1:00PM
  • Departure times from Puerto Vallarta (Maritime Terminal) are 11:30AM, 12:30PM, and 1:30PM
  • Min. Age: 10 years old
  • Min. Height: 4 ft (1.20 m)
  • Max. Weight: 260 lbs (118Kg)
  • For safety reasons expecting mothers, persons with back or neck, heart, balance or/and dizziness conditions restricted
  • Cameras not allowed, for safety

Canopy Tours Puerto Vallarta is always interested in your tour experience with us. We hope you enjoyed your tour and love to hear comments.

Bob Smith

I have been to the Bahamas many times, but Outdoor Adventure is one of my favorite trips! It includes everything that everyone should do here. As a Bahamas veteran, I can say only the best about this experience!

Jim Peters

Thanks to the professional guides! I was a bit worried about kayaking because I had never done it before, but the instructions were great and I had such a good time!

Richard Dixon

The best way to discover nature! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)