Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Gear Information

More and more visitors to Puerto Vallarta are catching on to the fun of a zip line adventure tour. This is for good reason! As you will hopefully see for yourself, zip lining tours take you deep into the most natural and rugged areas outside of Puerto Vallarta and allow you to experience nature like never before. Most tours include not only the exciting cable zip lining, but add on other fun outdoors activities like rock climbing, rappelling or water slides. The center of each tour, however, is that zip line, usually made up of a series of 10 to 14 different cables varying in length and intensity.

You should not be worried about your safety while on our zip line adventures, as they are entirely safe. Our cables are galvanized 5/8 inch steel cables that can hold up to 5 tons of weight. Here is a run down of the gear that is used in the process of zip lining to give you a better idea of the how you will be safely strapped on:

To assure the safety of all riders, our zip lining tours only use the most up to date and safe equipment. Here is a list of the equipment used for our zip lining tours to give you a better idea of how you will be safely strapped on to your harness:

  • Pulleys
  • Child proof safety Karabiners
  • Helmet
  • Shock absorbing Safety Strap
  • Gloves
  • Harness
  • Figure 8 for Rappelling

Additionally, our staff and crew are all highly trained in safety measures for all the gear and the zip lines. They will be on hand to teach you how to most effectively and comfortably zip line down the various cable lines. While these type of tours are said to be for adventure and thrill seekers, the measure of safety in these allow everyone to safely ride on the zip lines.