Canopy Tours Puerto Vallarta F.A.Q

What is zip lining?

Zip lining is the new and exciting method of experiencing beautiful and lush natural environments throughout the world. Mainly found in tropical forests, zip lining tours aim to give tourists an equally thrilling and inspiring adventure. Basically, the premise of zip lining is strapping yourself onto a harness that is connected to a cable wire, then using the force of gravity to zoom down the wire to a destination points some 100 to 200 feet away. You travel at speeds of over 30 miles per hour at times, with your feet dangling in the air, oftentimes above all kinds of plant and animal wildlife, including the tops of trees and the sides of mountains.

How long does it take?

Zip line tours will last anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. It depends on what the specific tour you go on. Most zip line tours feature a series of ten or more cables. Add on to the actual zip lining the time it takes for instruction and travel from one zip lining spot to the next.

Is it safe?

Zip lining is 100% and entirely safe. We use the most up to date and sturdy equipment to ensure our guests a fun but risk free adventure. All guests will be equipped with helmets and gloves and strapped onto a harness that allows for safe and secure zip lining. Our guides have received hundreds of hours of training and are first aid certified.

Are instructions provided?

Yes, all of our tours will have expert and knowledgeable crew on hand that will help strap you on to your harness and teach you the best and most effective ways of going down your zip line.

Can anyone go on zip lines?

Zip line tours can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Even if you are not into thrill seeking and excitement, you will probably have a fun time on some of the simpler zip lines. Our zip line tours do have certain weight and height restrictions so make sure to inquire about these when making your reservations.

What should I wear?

When coming on our zip line tours you should definitely wear long pants and comfortable, close toed shoes like tennis shoes or hiking boots. Long hair shoued be tied back and if you wear glasses, we recommend having a strap on them to keep them secured. All sharp objects should be removed from your pant pockets.

Are there different types of zip line tours?

Yes, there are many different types of zip line tours. Many of the tours are simple, while some of them are more intense. Furthermore, most zip line tours include various extras, including a ride out to the main zip lining destination, rappeling, tarzan swings, and tequila tasting.

What should I expect when I arrive?

Zip lining is one of the best ways to get deep into the heart of Baja canyons and experience the excitement and beauty that is found there. When you arrive for your zip lining tour, you will most likely be taken to another destination located deep within the forest. Here, you will find a series of cables and platforms scattered throughout the area. Then, you and your party will be instructed on the basics and safety of zip lining. From there, it is time for the fun and adventure to begin. You will climb to the tops of these platforms and with the help of our crew, strap yourself into the harnesses and then comes the moment of truth when you zoom past trees and flora at 30 miles an hour.